18-finally and not

Hey guys!

On Wednesday was my 18th birthday!

I haven't been excited about it at all initially, but I had such a good day.
Me and Helle stayed up until midnight on Tuesday, she makes life so much better.

I got so many lovely presents from my friends and flowers and three (!!) cakes.

The best thing happened in the evening though, they made me a surprise meal in Wetherspoons. They organised everything behind my back, didn't have an dea about anything.

Everyone here made my 18th birthday really special, I'm so thankful. The whole lot is a real family, especially my lovely chosen sister!

I never ever want to leave.




Exchangie weekend

Hello my lovelies,

my weekend was well cool, or should I rather say: proper cool!

On Friday I had a nice night out with my two Norwegian friends, but I better don't upload any photos because that wouldn't even be funny.

In case you wonder about my weird way to phrase things, I can guarantee you it's not my fault!

Since I spend 24/7 with Helle we developed so many ínsiders and just cool english phrases. We use them all the time but apparently we are the only ones finding them funny.

I'm sorry.

Today we went to see a memorial rugby match. It was organised to remember a guy who used to go to school with all the people from college. He recently died in a car accident.

All three of us have never ever been to a rugby match so we decided to go. It was quite good actually even if it wasn't a professional one.

Plus it was such a lovely weather today! Seemed like the first day of summer.

With a barbeque we finished the weekend off. Which doesn't mean we're ready for college tomorrow...

Have a good week!



holidays again

Hello everyone!

Is it just me or do the last holidays seem ages ago?

After a lonely Valentine's night I went to Norwich today. I met up with Hannah who used to work at our school in Italy 2 years ago. Through my English teacher back home she got to know I'm staying in Norfolk where she is actually from!

Norwich market

She went home for the weekend and we had a cup of tea and a piece of Schwarzwälderkirschtorte. It was so nice!

Great to speak to some one from England who made the same experiences in Italy! And if you meet someone after 2 years you can see how much you've actually grown up.

And I felt so proud when Hannah said I look so English, haha!

Enjoy your Holidays!



Back in Fakenham

Hello guys!
Sorry I haven't posted something for a while, but I had some problems with my hostfamily. All of a sudden my old hostfamily told me to leave. Fortunately I could stay with another exchange student from Hungary temporarily.
Even though he lives in North Pickenham which is literally in the middle of the middle of nowhere. I took us a whole hour to travel to college! There was no way to stay awake at college without a big jug of strong coffee.
Luckily I found a new hostfamily. Yesterday I moved back to Fakenham and I'm staying now with my Norwegian exchange student friend.
Some impressions from my walk today. It was freezing outside but then it's even better to come home and put on your wooly socks.
Have a good start in the new week!


hello everyone

Hello everyone!

As this is my first post I should perhaps introduce myself: I’m Ursula, 17 years old and live in England.  I’m actually from Italy, but in September I moved to Norfolk to start a year as an exchange student.

I collect moments, ideas, melodies, experiences, cities and clothes. I love with the smell of fresh bread in the morning, open fires.

I’m a fan of old fashioned things like retro clothing, writing diary and letters

And this is what this blog should be all about, my life here in England and it would mean the world if you read and like it.

Hope you enjoy!